Vegan Fast Food – Vegan Burger

IMG_1809.JPGThere are many quick and easy meals you can put together at the control of your own hands.  Take this vegan burger.  Buy a vegan pattie and a bread roll .  As I was pressed for time I bought a couple of vegan lentil patties and heated them up in the frying pan, then started to put the salad filling together which was some rocket, tomatoes, pineapple, homemade hummus red onion and vegenaise (This is a new product for me and it tastes delicious it was expensive at $8 a jar but worth trying it.  I found it in a local IGA Supermarket)

I started to add the layers as the lentil patties were done.  I started off with hummus, red onion, tomato, pineapple and then I placed the pattie on top then added a couple of teaspoons of vegenasie on top of the pattie and a thin layer of srichacha sauce for some heat.

It took me roughly 10 minutes to prepare.  That’s what I call vegan fast food !!!!


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