Vegan Friendly Restaurant – Vege Rama West End Brisbane

Blackbean Burger with Kipfer Potatoes and Vegan Aioli
I finally made a trip to Vege Rama in West End, Brisbane. Back in 2009 my wife and I went
to the take away eatery in the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane. It was refreshing and exciting
to see a vegan friendly take away among all of the regular ones in the Mall. In 2014 this restaurant
was opened in West End. It is 99% vegan and hopefully one day will become 100% vegan. The
menu has a large selection of dishes from different cuisines. I went for lunch there and
ordered a Blackbean burger with Kipfer potatoes and aioli. It was a delicious and satisfying
lunch. I also ordered a cold pressed green juice which was very good. The location is fantastic
and the ambience is very relaxing.

If you are visiting Brisbane then you should check it out. If you live in Brisbane you probably
have already been there.

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