Cafe Review – Flora And Fauna – Perth, Australia 

We found this small vegetarian and vegan friendly cafe in the area of Northbridge Perth.   I ordered Spicy Pumpkin on toast and my wife ordered bruschetta on toast.  The spicy pumpkin was very delicious and flavours tasted of cumin, basil and hint of cayenne pepper.  The toasted bread was a rye bread and on the side I had some fresh avocado with drizzled balsamic glaze.  The bruschetta was on a quinoa bread with avocado and balsamic glaze.  The bruschetta was very different from a regular bruschetta as it was rich in tomato flavour without any onion.  The heirloom tomatoes really made both dishes shine.   It was also nice to eat the edible violet coloured flowers.   When we had finished the waitress came over and gave a sample of some vegan chocolate cake which was rich and delicious.  We declined the offer to buy any as the breakfast made us both feel very full.   We actually didn’t eat anything until the evening as the food was very filling.   The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.  Seating is shabby chic and mainly outside.  There are a few seats inside facing the window because most of the inside is where the kitchen and preparation area is situated.   We highly recommend this cafe to enjoy a healthy vegan breakfast….   



  1. Yes it was a great find. We were both very happy to enjoy real food. It’s sometimes hard to find when one travels, but with the vegan community out there if it’s a good vegan place then everyone will know about it ..


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