Recipe – Wholemeal Bread with Pepitas, Sunflower Seeds & Treacle

I made another loaf which is similar to the one I posted last time. This time I added 2 tablespoons of treacle
which gives the bread malty flavour with a tinge of sweetness. It also darkens the bread and will give you a
nice crispy crust. Two slices of this bread really makes you feel like you have eaten some bread.
You will feel satisfied for hours. Like all my recipes all vegan…

610 g wholemeal four
410 ml warm water (approx 30C/85F)
2 tsp dry yeast
2 Tbsp treacle
A handful of pepitas
A handful of sunflower seeds
1 tsp almond milk
Recipe – Wholemeal Bread with Pepitas & Sesame Seeds
Pour the wholemeal flour in a bowl then add the yeast then small amounts of the water mixing it together until it
has formed a dough
Place the dough onto a surface area like your kitchen bench, add the pepitas, treacle, sunflower seeds and knead
for 10 minutes
Return the dough to the bowl and place a t-towel over the dough then take the bowl to a warm area of the house
and leave for 40 minutes to rise
Preheat the oven to 220C/430F
After 40 minutes gently degas the dough gently and knead gently then place the dough into a loaf tin
Return the loaf tin to the warm area in your house and leave for 30 minute or until the dough has sufficiently
risen enough
Now add some almond milk to the top of the dough
Bake for 30 minutes @ 220C/430F