Books – Two Great Running Books – Born to Run & Eat & Run

I read these two books on sunbaked Kata beach in Phuket, Thailand whilst eating fresh mango and drinking young coconut water to quench my thirst. The first book I read was Born To Run by Christopher McDougall which is a very inspirational book for all runners. He writes about the Tarahumara Indians from Mexico’s Copper Canyons who run for hundreds of miles without rest or injury. It is one of those books you cannot put down, a great read. When I worked in Mexico I ran in Canyons which reminds me so much when I read this inspiring book.

The second book I read was “Eat and Run” which is from the exceptional vegan runner Scott Jurek. The book is a great account of the build up from Scott’s early running, which he said he did not like as he was more interested in being the in Skiing team, from his family and the sad account of seeing his Mother pass after years of living with multiple sclerosis to his desire to run to push himself to an amazing ultra marathon level of endurance whilst discovering that living on a vegan diet really enhanced his performance as a runner. The great thing about this book too is that he shares many of his recipes at the end of the chapters in the book. It is great read !

I bought these as kindle books and read them on my ipad. The good thing for me about this is that they were about 9 bucks each and also easy to take in my backpack on my holiday.

Born to run

eat and run

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