Land of Smiles – Vegan Snacks & Tropical Fruit

Here are some of the Thai vegan snacks that you can find in the local 7 Eleven store. Also another great piece of information is that I have photographed the label which is written in Thai for Jeh (pronounced jay) which is the Thai equivalent for vegan. So if you see this the you are 100% sure that its okay to eat as many snacks are printed in Thai only.
I have also photographed some of my favourite fruit too. Which I bought from the local fruit market.

Jeh Symbol Thai equivalent for Vegan


All four snacks

Sesame favoured sweet snack. Very good !

Sweet and sour tamarind – also tastes good with a hint of chilli too

Mango snack with has salt and sugar with a slight flavour of chilli !

Mangosteen – very delicious my favour fruit in Thailand !!

Rambutan another favourite good at quenching thirst

Mango there many different mango you can buy but this one of juicy and sweet

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