Our New Family Member Richard

I adopted Richard and he is living on a farm rescue place on the beautiful
Sunshine Coast. He is amongst other animals and many of his own species
too. He was tagged for slaughter but a rescue took place and he is safe to live his
life as he has a right to do. Goat meat is getting more popular and for him
his meat would fetch about $15 which is for me a horrible thought. A life worth
$15 then they are properly and so long as this stand they are like our
Pets easy to sell or leave tied to a pole in a freeway or kill if we wish.
Sounds like I am writing about an object that is not sentient like us. Sadly
These are like us. If you really care about animal as sentient beings like we
Do with pets then look at this photos and ask yourself why is this animal any different
From out pet that you love..


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