What Is Moral Schizophrenia ?

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 6.55.12 AM
If it is wrong to act violently to a dog or cat just for enjoyment or convenience, how can we justify the horrible things we do to other animals? We certainly do not need to eat animal products to be healthy; we do so only because it is a habit and we enjoy the taste of these products. Some of us try to address this inconsistency by purchasing products that are marketed as “humane” or as produced “ethically.” However, as you’ll see, these words are meaningless and actually do very little to give animals a better life.
In any case, these terms encourage the public to believe it is okay to exploit animals simply because we enjoy it. This strange contradiction is our “moral schizophrenia.” We can overcome this social affliction and respect life by going vegan.
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