Tech – Add A Nice Feature To Your Blog

Widget Details Text
I just added a couple of icons for Pinterest and Instagram to my blog. The beauty of this
is that you can add any image you want too and link it any website. I love photography
and also sharing all my blog recipes free to anyone and everyone. So I chose these two.
You could also an email icon and fill the link field with an instruction so someone
can email you without them having to manually enter your email address into an email client.


  • Firstly you need to go to Google images and search for an icon. The ones I used are generic ones which are okay to use.
  • When you have saved the image on your computer use a photo editor software to resize the  image to a good size.
  • Typically the size would be height=40 and width=40, but I only have
  • two so I chose to resize the images to a height=100 and width=100.
  • After you have done this add them to your WordPress site. The reason for this is that you will
  • need a web address like “”

Now you have to add a new widget. Which will be “Text”. You have to add your image link which
will be appear on your blog and of course the link to direct your browser to navigate to the site or
email. As an example, I have copied what I have just done.

Text Widget
The result of this is the image right the top of this post.

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