Vegan Travel Tips

I have travelled around the world for a few years now off and on. Here are a few general vegan tips on travelling.

  • Learn some of the language in the country you are visiting and always carry a translation book or app with you which has some words around what vegans eat and what they do not.
  • Find out where the local vegan friendly eating places may be in your vicinity. If there are none then make sure you have some clear translations with you (see tip 1)
  • Be friendly and do not be rude if your meal is something totally different to what the cook or waiter understood. Try again. Keep it simple too
  • Carry some food or buy some at a supermarket, just in case you cannot find anything to eat straight away.  I carry or buy some nuts and fruit.

I am travelling at the moment and in my home country.   When I asked at the hotel I am staying at whether they can cater for a vegan they were a bit confused and asked me to repeat myself. The cook had never heard of what a vegan would eat so I explained and made some suggestions on what she could make me.   She did a great job and also I had a chance to explain why I was vegan which is on ethical grounds and not dietary which is a common reason why I would be vegan according to many people.  I have had the same discussions in many other counties and many of them English is not their first language.    I have found that if you explain yourself clearly with help from your translation book/app or even a native speaker you will get a good results.  I have done this in Vietnam, India, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and the US of A.   Some strange food encounters, but mostly very engaging food encounters.

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