Recipe – Black Bottom Chocolate Banana Pie

This recipe has been adapted from the orignal and it tastes so good.
A few great attributes are as follows:
1. vegan
2. A raw pie (Although I have read coconut cream is processed)
3. No added sugar
4. It’s very morish
1 C raw cashews
1 C raw almonds
1 C coconut, shredded and unsweetened
1/2 C cocoa powder
2 C pitted dates, chopped
2 Tbsp filtered water
1/2 C raw cacao powder
1/2 C nuttelex (Non dairy margarine)
2 Tbsp raw agave nectar
2 banana, ripe and mashed
4 bananas, ripe and sliced into 1cm/1/2 inch pieces
2 can full fat coconut cream chilled

Grease a 15cm/9.6 inch tart pan. Combine the cashews, almonds, and coconut in the food processor until it has a fine texture.
Add cacao powered, then add the dates and then pulse in the food processor until it mixture is slightly moist. Now add the
water until the texture is sticky. Pour into the pan and form a base then place in the fridge.

Mash one banana in a small mixing bowl. Take your refrigerated can of coconut milk, flip it upside down, and open the can.
Drain or save the excess water for another use, and scoop the cream that has separated in the can into your mixing bowl
with your mashed banana. Using a hand mixer, beat the banana and cream together until well incorporated and fluffy.
Spread this banana cream layer on top of your chocolate layer in your pie pan. Slice the two remaining bananas,
and evenly distribute them on top of the pie, pressing down to submerge them slightly in the banana cream.
Place your pie in the freezer while you prepare the whipped topping and raw chocolate drizzle.

For the whipped topping, take the can of refrigerated coconut milk, flip upside down, drain excess water, and scoop
cream that has separated into a small mixing bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of raw agave nectar, and whip with a hand mixer
on high until it turns into a fluffy whipped cream (about 4-5 minutes). Also make your raw chocolate at this time.

Now, take your pie out of the freezer and top with the whipped cream. Drizzle the raw chocolate on top with a
poon (or place in a baggy and cut of the corner and drizzle that way). Refrigerate the pie for at least an hour
before slicing (the longer you refrigerate it the better), and enjoy!

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