Recipe – Chocolate Almond and Ginger Clusters

Chocolate Almond and Ginger Clusters
Chocolate Almond and Ginger Clusters

Thanks for the comments I have a vegan Christmas Day dinner get together where everyone except for a couple will be
vegan. I am super excited about this and want to make a few nice foods to inspire others to cook from scratch.
So if anyone wants to try this recipe I thought I’d post it. It is very simple and something special
that is tailor made for Christmas. Here in Australia we can say to someone “Happy Christmas” it is
not gone to the extreme where we have to say “Happy Holidays” now that does not sound right. Say no more 🙂

1 1/2 C silvered almonds
50g crystallized ginger
200g good dark vegan chocolate

Preheat – Oven to 180C evening spread the almonds on a baking trat and place the oven for
4 – 5 minutes until golden brown

Finely Chop – 2 Tbsp of crystallized ginger and set aside. Put the chocolate in a medium
sized bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (making sure the bowl does not touch the water)
for 5 minutes, stirring often until smooth. Remove the bowl from the pan

Stir – the warm almonds and chopped ginger into the warm chocolate. Heap the chocolate
mixture into foil cases. Then place ginger pieces on top of the heap.
Refrigerate for 1 – 2 hours or until set

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