My Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizza
Vegan Pizza

I know everyone knows how to make pizza. It must be one of the easiest types of food to
make. For vegans even pizza can taste good. Many people say you cannot eat pizza
without dairy cheese, because that is what makes it taste so good. I disagree.
I know that in the many countries except for Italy we tend to forget the roots of the pizza.
There are many pizzas which are not made with any cheese in Italy.

My vegan pizza consists of the following:
1. Pizza base lebanese thin crust -I am not a fan of thick bases. I prefer more of the
taste of the topping not the pizza base
2. Tomato with basil sauce base with Mexican refried beans with jalapeno chillies – The
refried beans give that pizza some substance and the pizza does not dry out
3. My favourite vegetables (all fresh): Artichokes, corn, eggplant, mushrooms, potato, pumpkin,
olives, capers, ground chill, basil and oregano.

My Vegan Pizza
My Vegan Pizza

ci vediamo domani

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